Cake Toppers

Our cake toppers can be removed from your cake and if stored or displayed away from dust and moisture and out of direct sunlight will keep for many years and provide a beautiful lasting memento of the day.

Whilst our toppers are made of edible paste, they will sometimes contain internal supports so these should be considered non edible.

Our wedding cake toppers are suitable for a traditional stacked cake or to sit on top of a cupcake tower. They can be personalised in terms of the wedding outfits, hairstyles, eye colour etc. of the wedding couple.

How much will my topper cost?

The price of your topper will reflect the work involved and whether or not they are part of a cake order. As a guide, for 2022, a standing personalised bride and groom as part of a wedding cake order will be around at £140 whereas a sitting football figure starts at £40.

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Personalised Cake Toppers

Our handcrafted toppers are bespoke so must be paid for in full at time of ordering.  Once you have placed your order we will send you a questionnaire to complete the personalisation details.

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Here are some examples of our cake toppers