Wedding Cake Toppers

Our personalised cake toppers are handmade from edible modelling paste.  This means that they can be placed directly on your cake without a base without danger of contamination or damage to your cake. After the celebration the toppers will keep almost indefinitely as a lasting memento of your special day so long as they are kept away from damp, dust and sunlight. We can also advise on and provide various display options to preserve your cake toppers after the big day.

Our Bride and Groom/Civil Partnership wedding cake toppers start at £130 or £120 as part of a wedding cake order.  Other cake toppers generally range between £35 and £60 depending on complexity and level of detail.

Each cake topper is unique to you and can be personalised in relation to details such as hair, wedding outfits, bridal flowers etc. Why not make your cake toppers reflect your hobbies and/or wedding theme? We can also include other family members, wedding party and guests, pets etc.

Please check out our Gallery for some examples

We also make novelty cake toppers which are ideal for birthday, christening, anniversary cakes etc.